Gratitude – July 10


It was a crazy busy day at work today.  It was full of putting out fires and not getting any of my “real” wok done.   All day long, I was thinking about what I was going to write about tonight.  For the longest time this morning I was thinking that by the end of the day I was going to end up having a post that read, “today I am grateful that the day is over.”  But it turns out that the day gave me many things to be grateful for.  Here are some of the highlights of my day:

  • One of my very good friends that used to be a work study at the school where I work, came in today to finish up some things she needed to do for graduation.   It was great to have her there to catch up with between the chaotic moments.  I am so proud of her for graduating and already getting a job in her field.
  • Today was the last day of classes for students for this term and that meant it was potluck day!  All three of my meals today came from students, and they were all great.  I admit I did some stress eating, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it.
  • I got home early enough to watch the season 2 finale of Orange is the New Black without falling asleep in the middle of it.
  • I found out that our friend that is detoxing from heroin (at home, with no medical supervision – his decision) is past the worst of it and was up and around and eating today.
  • I made plans to do yoga with a friend tomorrow evening, and to have lunch with another friend on Saturday.  I am looking forward to both.
  • Lastly, I am grateful that tomorrow is Friday!

I hope that you all had a great Thursday, and that tonight you take some tome to remember all of the things that you are thankful for.


Please comment with your gratitude for the day.

Please comment with your gratitude for the day.

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