Sometimes You Need a Full Stop

This time of year always seems to get me down. And 2015 isn't proving to be any different. This time it started a little bit early, September instead of October, and it has lasted longer. Despite all of the good things that are happening in my life, I have been depressed and anxious, with some PTSD … Continue reading Sometimes You Need a Full Stop

On being sick…

I don't think I have ever posted twice in one day, but today I am going to.  There has been something on my mind these last few days besides prayer and meditation.  You see, I've been sick.  Not seriously sick, just what seems to be a head cold or sinus infection.  The creeping crud has … Continue reading On being sick…


Boy, these past few weeks have really kicked my butt.  I have been working a lot of hours (thank God I'm an hourly employee and the paychecks almost make it worth it), and have been feeling a lot of stress at my job.  I haven't had the motivation to do anything but eat and sleep … Continue reading Connections

240 Days

Today I made 8 months sober. I posted this morning on my Facebook page that these past 8 months have been the best I've had in a long, long time, and that they have, by far, been my best months of sobriety. This isn't the first time that I have had this many days, but … Continue reading 240 Days