500 days and counting….

I don’t really count sober days anymore, but today marks a milestone for me. 500 days sober! Woo Hoo! As I told one of my friends today, it’s a f*cking miracle!!

When I was actively drinking, I gave up or lost a lot of things.  Now that I have been sober for 500 days, I thought it would be good to think about the things I have lost or given up in sobriety.  Here’s my list:


In sobriety I no longer have …


…empty bottles hidden around my house that I have to worry about someone accidentally finding

…to try to piece together the events of the night before

…to check to see if my car is where it is supposed to be first thing in the morning

…to check to see if said car is all in one piece, with no body parts hanging off the front bumper

…mystery bruises

…to try to remember lies that I have told, and to keep “my story” straight

…half-cooked meals on my stove that I got too drunk to finish cooking

…panic attacks the morning after bingeing on booze

…to feel embarrassed about how I acted the night before

…to get into alcohol-induced, physical fights

…lost earrings, contact lenses and shoes from being too drunk to keep track of them

…fear, anger and anxiety about my drunken behavior

…shame and self-loathing because I’m an alcoholic

…unrealistic expectations of myself and others

…fair-weather friends

…to create more wreckage

…to worry about huhrting people with my bad behavior

…to put on masks and try to keep up appearances

…to be unhappy

…to give empty apologies

…to worry about killing myself or someone else while driving drunk

…to feel alone

…to want to die


This is not a complete list, by any means, I could go on, but this is a good start.  I know that we gain so much in sobriety, but I think that the things that we get rid of are every bit as important.   I am so happy and proud to be free of all of those things on my 500th day.  I hope and pray for another 500, and 500 after that, and 500 after that…  I will keep going one day at a time.




14 thoughts on “500 days and counting….

    • Thank you! And you can make it to 500 and beyond too. Hell, if I can do it, anyone can! One day at a time. Sounds trite, but it works. Thank you for the kudos. Hugs to you, xoxo

  1. *Wren1450: it can be done if you want it badly enough. We say, “If you want what we have, and are willing to go to any lengths to get it, then you are ready to take certain steps….”

    • Yes, I am well aware of the AA lingo. I don’t think you would find one person on the sober blogs who do not want to stop drinking…..very, very much. The problem is not that I do not want it “badly enough” or that I am not “willing to go to any steps/length” to get sobriety. If you read a few of thse blogs, I think you will find that to be the case with almost all of us.

  2. Congratulations on 500 24-hours! Once you give up the idea that you can drink like a normal person, you find that you get to give up a whole heck of a lot of crap you never wanted in the first place.

    • I know! Isn’t it great? I hated all of those things, and now, as long as I don’t take a drink, I don’t have to deal with them. It’s pretty awesome. Thanks for the congrats. and for the comment.

  3. wren … there is only one way to wow wow wow yourself … it begins with willingness to surrender the drink, I started with surrendering for one day … and the next morning thought, well I’ll surrender it “just for today” too …. and then one day … you realize you have enough days together that you are willing to “go to any length to keep them and to add to them” … I couldn’t imagine not drinking for 1864 days…but I haven’t, I think I’ll give 1865 a shot….

  4. Congrats! So wonderful! I love the list, a great reminder and full of inspiration. The things we think we give up by quit drinking seem so overwhelming yet we soon discover that what we gain by giving it up is absolutely unmeasurable!

  5. This is an awesome story. It is wonderful that you are 500 days sober and still going strong. Stay strong and continue to do awesome things in your recovery.

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