Every Moment of a Fall – A Review

I love reading memoirs. I would say that they make up about 90% of the books I read. I think I love them so much because, since being in recovery, I've learned the importance of sharing stories. Hearing the stories that others have to tell helps me heal, and I hope that others hearing mine … Continue reading Every Moment of a Fall – A Review

Know Thyself – But Is It Enough?

The other day, my husband, stepson and I were in the car, coming home from shopping, and we were having a discussion about why we each behave the way we do. I'm not sure how exactly we got on this subject, but that often seems to be the way that important conversations start. My stepson, … Continue reading Know Thyself – But Is It Enough?

A New Freedom

Happy 4th of July! It's a day that we celebrate freedom, and for me that means reflecting on the things that¬†used to enslave me, from which I'm now free. The biggest of which is active alcoholism.¬† I wrote an article for Step 12 Magazine, which they were kind enough to make their cover story for … Continue reading A New Freedom