My Story


So here it is.  I just received the audio of me telling my story at the Payson Roundup last weekend.  I just listened to it with my husband, and I feel good about posting it for everyone to hear.  You can tell that I am nervous at the beginning, please ignore all of the ‘ums’, but after I settle into it, I think it’s ok.

The recorder wasn’t working properly at the start of my talk, so it starts about 10 minutes in.  I chose to read the introduction to the memoir I am working on at the beginning, both to show the kind of drunk that I was, and to calm my nerves.  The recording starts in the middle of my reading, I will post the whole thing below, if you care to read the whole thing.

Here is the link to my book introduction:   Prologue

Here is the recording (I hope this works!):  Jami D. Payson Roundup



7 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Just listened to it. Nice to “hear” you…you sound like a pro (I am an “uhm”mer). Compelling and dark story. Hard to listen at times…tough living and shows the progression of this illness 😦

    But look where you are now. You are did fabulous service speaking there and continuing that by sharing here.

    Wonderful, wonderful talk.

    Made my day. Would have loved to been there.


  2. Fan-FREAKING-tastic, Jami! I was spellbound from the first minute, and I look forward to reading your memoir. Thank you, sincerely, for your service, and for keeping me sober today 🙂

    PS… look out… you will need an executive assistant to help manage all your upcoming speaking engagements, once people get a listen to your experience, strength and hope!

  3. Thanks Josie! I don’t know about the assistant, but this sure has made me more confident in sharing my story. I really appreciate your encouraging words. 🙂

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