Gratitude – July 18

Better Days

This was an extremely busy week for me.  When I wasn’t working I was either sleeping, or wishing I was sleeping.  But now, the weekend is here, and for that, I am very grateful!!  I am looking forward to catching up on my blog reading, doing some writing, and otherwise taking it easy (well except for the 10 loads of laundry that are waiting for me).

The week, though busy, was a good one for me and I have many things for which to be grateful.  Here is my gratitude list for the last two days, since I didn’t make time to post yesterday:

  • I am always busy at work, but this week and the last have been exceptionally crazy because we started a new block of classes.  People are always coming into my office – coworkers, faculty, and students.  Sometimes they need help that is work-related, but what I really love is when they just come in to talk, share something with me, ask for advice, or offer me advice.  Yesterday and today I was especially grateful for the conversations that I had in between all of the work that I had to do.  It is such a blessing to me anytime someone comes in, closes the door and says, “do you have a minute to talk?”  Those are truly the highlights of my day.
  • I am grateful that Austin is teaching in the morning for the next five weeks.  Not only does that mean that we get to have all of our evenings together, but we get to see each other at work too.  It works out pretty good, being as he’s my favorite person in the world.
  • I’m so thankful that my stepson is here for the weekend.  I got used to having him here all the time while he spent two weeks with us, and I missed him this week.  It’s so fun to listen to him and Austin talking about Star Wars games, although sometimes it’s like they’re speaking a different language.  I’ve seen all the movies myself, but I have never heard of some of the people and places they talk about.  Who has heard of Utapau, or Darth Sion, for Pete’s sake?
  • Tonight, I am grateful for being able to do nothing.  When I got home from work, I gave myself permission to forget about my list of to-do’s and to just relax.  And that’s what I have been doing…just putzing around doing nothing…and it feels great.  It’s very easy for me to get mired down and feel overwhelmed with all of the things that need to get done (like the 10 loads of laundry I mentioned).  I do sometimes get lazy and put things off, put my internal dialogue when I do that sounds a lot like a mother yelling at her teenager to clean their room.  So I am grateful that today I have been able to do nothing and not feel bad about it.
  • I am thankful that it’s Friday, and that the weekend is here; that I get to spend time with my boys and that I don’t have to set my alarm for tomorrow morning.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful weekend, full of things that bring you gratitude.


what are you grateful for today

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