Gratitude – July 8

My post for yesterday is late, but not because I don’t have a lot to be grateful for.  I had a good day at work and was able to get everything done that I needed to.  And again, I was able to do it in only 9 hours!  That’s definitely one for the gratitude list.

The reason that I didn’t get a chance to write last night is because from the time I got off work until well past 10:00 (which is well past my usual bedtime) I was talking with a friend about going to treatment for addiction.  He’s just admitted to family that he is a heroin addict and he wants help.  Our talk wasn’t successful, he didn’t go to treatment, but the seed is planted and I believe that if he really wants to get clean, he will change his mind.  I feel hopeful because I remember what it was like making the decision to go for treatment.  I waffled on the idea for a long time before I finally went, but once I knew it was an option, it was constantly in my thoughts and eventually those thoughts, and my desperation, led me there.

So for yesterday, I am grateful that I got to put my experience, strength, and hope to use.  I am thankful that I wasn’t married to the outcome of the situation, that I was able to accept my friend’s decision, even though I disagreed with it, and that I am still able to be hopeful.


what are you grateful for today

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