Gratitude – July 7

first day

I went back to work today and by about 10:00 a.m. it felt like I hadn’t even had a vacation.  Except that it didn’t.  I was well-rested and focused and I was able to get through 47 voicemails and 154 emails.  The work was all the same, but I felt better about it because I took time off to relax.  It’s all about self-care, people!

My work-realted gratitude is:

  • I came back to friends that were happy to see me and that had missed me while I was gone.
  • Everyone said that I looked great and that I must’ve gotten some rest…of course, that makes me wonder what I looked like before…??
  • Several coworkers helped with the day-to-day stuff that I do while I was gone, so the workload wasn’t nearly what I thought it would be on the day returning from vacation
  • My BFF, who keeps a whole closet full of lotions, soaps, body sprays and make-up from Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works brought me a whole bunch of good smelling stuff to welcome me back.
  • I ended up only working 9 hours instead of the 10 or 11 that I thought I would have to.


In other news, I had the opportunity to practice the 12th step twice today.  An old friend of mine is trying to quit drinking and she contacted me for advice and help.  Another friend of mine found out today that a close family member is an addict and she turned to me and my husband for help.  If everything goes well, I think that both people will end up in treatment very soon.  One of them, I hope, is on his way right now.  This is the type of thing that I feel truly blesses me.  When I was actively drinking, I never would have been the person that anyone turned to for help.  To be trusted and well thought of is something that I never thought would happen to me.  It is truly a gift of sobriety, and I couldn’t be more grateful.  🙂

Hawaiian rainbow stretching over palm trees.


Please share your gratitude today.
Please share your gratitude today.

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