Gratitude – July 3


It is officially monsoon season here in the desert.  Well, actually it has been for a couple of weeks, but today we had our first thunderstorm of the season.  For the past couple of years we haven’t had as many summer storms as we used to, it seems.  But at this time each year I hope for lots of thunder and lightning and rain.  I remember when I was a kid, the summer mornings would be hot and humid and the sky would be cloudless.  Then, in the early afternoon, the clouds would start to roll in.  We would see lightning and then count, one-mississippi, two-mississippi, and wait to hear the thunder.  Most times, when the rain begins, the drops are huge, making big splats on the ground and windshields.  When the downpour starts, it is sometimes so heavy that you can only see a couple of yards in front of you.  Today’s storm didn’t have the oomph that coming storms will, but it gave me a taste of the summer afternoons ahead.

So today I am grateful for:   rain

  • the smell of the creosote in the desert in the rain, there is nothing like it
  • the sound of thunder that sent us all to look outside and see the clouds rolling in
  • the open blinds through which we watched the rain
  • the sound of the rain on the roof and skylights
  • the reprieve from the oppressive heat
  • the clean, fresh air after the rain had passed
  • the anticipation of more rain tomorrow



what are you grateful for today


Please share some of the things that you are thankful for today.


6 thoughts on “Gratitude – July 3

  1. I am grateful for the beauty & peacefulness of the ocean. I live about an hour away from the ocean and lucky to have a family summer home at the beach. In the summer I spend as many weekends I can here, mini vacas almost. My to do list doesn’t exist here. I sleep, read, relax and enjoy cooking here. Things I enjoy- this being my first sober summer it feels more like a personal retreat- where I practice lots of self care. I’m very grateful and lucky to have this place & extra time with my family.

    1. Wow, that sounds so beautiful, and peaceful, and relaxing. I agree, you are so fortunate to have those wonderful moments with family in such a serene place. Enjoy!
      Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Grateful for lovely summer weather. Grateful I’m sober, I live in a peaceful free country, that I can pursue my desires freely, I have a home, food in the cupboard and some money in my pocket, that I have a great family who do things I’m intensely proud of repeatedly…. and much much more

    1. It is an amazing thing. Because I’ve always lived here, I was probably a teenager before I found out that the smell of rain that I knew didn’t exist everywhere. It is absolutely one of the many things I love about living in the desert.
      Thanks for your comment, Debbie. Happy 4th of July!

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