My Life in Six Songs

Hey Everyone,

Head over to Running on Sober to check out Life in 6 Songs.  It’s an awesome series of posts that Christy, Michelle, and Jennie have put together, where they challenged their readers to come up with a playlist of 6 songs that told the story of their life.  It was difficult to narrow my list down to just six songs, but I did it and my playlist is posted today.  Click on the link above, or here to see it.






2 thoughts on “My Life in Six Songs

  1. Limited to 6 songs – too hard. Even after I submitted my list I was thinking… Oh Hell what about…? And…? etc. I could have easily done my life in 60 songs… but that isn’t the spirit is it? Great list enjoyed it

  2. Goodness Gracious, I too am struggling with my six songs. Just when I think I am going to submit, something else comes to mind. Why couldn’t it be 10 songs? Then I would complain it should be 15…typical alcoholic…lol.

    Awesome pics, my friend!!! 🙂


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